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Are you Interested in becoming a Coyote?

Read all the information below and then complete the form at the end. Individual tryouts will be scheduled during our Fall League season.

COYOTE 2019 Information

  • U11, U13, U15 Teams –  will participate in 3 home and 1 away tournaments.
  • Regional High School Team – will participate in 3 home and 1 away tournament and attend 1 College Recruiting event.
  • College Exposure Team  – will participate in 1 home and 4 Events.

Estimate Coyote fee

  • $1,300 per player for all teams
  • Coyote fee MUST be paid in full by May 15th. All Fees are Non Refundable
  • You can pay in FULL by check at any time. If you need to discuss other payment options please let us know.

Recruiting Event Fees

  • Regional High School players will have an additional fee of TBD
  • College Exposure players will have an additional fee of TBD
  • These fees are to be paid in full by check by April 1st.
  • All Fees are Non Refundable


  • When accepting your spot we expect that you will be playing in ALL scheduled tournaments unless an illness, injury or family emergency occurs.
    The players and coaches count on each other. Missing one or more players impacts the whole team and the Coyote Program.
    If you COMMIT to a spot you are making a COMMITMENT to play in ALL of the tournaments.
  • The Tournament Schedule is tentative adjustments/changes may occur, Mandatory practices begin Mid May.


  • Hammond Park or Dunwoody Springs Elementary – DIRECTIONS
  • Team Training Camp where all Teams participate — Practice begins Mid May


U11, U13, U15 Teams

Regional High School Team

College Exposure Team