Spring League Update

Hi Everyone,

We are now only 6 days away from the start of our spring season. Tonight we will be assigning rosters and making the teams for the Men’s division. Right now we have 80 players registered so each team will feature around 20 players. If you have any friends that want to sign up they have to do so soon to guarantee them a spot.

More communications will be sent out tonight once rosters are posted, if you need roster changes please email: Shaun@atlantalacrosseleague.com directly. 

***Attention Women’s Division:

Right now we are still short players to have the women’s division. We only have about 27 players registered and that is not enough to play. Our plan is to keep registration open until Wednesday to see if we see a last minute push in sign up. The minimum number of players we need is 40. We have a few options that we will be sending out in a separate communication, specifically inquiring if a 7 vs. 7 league would appeal to anyone. If we decide to cancel the women’s league refunds will be issued on Friday and will take 2-3 days to be credited to your account. 

Thank you for choosing to play with us this spring, more details to follow soon!