Spring Update

Men’s Update:

Men’s League Rosters & Schedules have been Posted. We have room for 10 more players in the Men’s division.

Women’s Update:

Hi Everyone, 

As of now we have 29 players registered for the Women’s League, which includes 1 Goalie and we just confirmed that a second Goalie has committed and will be registering soon.

I spoke to a few of you and we’ve decided that we need to have 36 players signed up to move forward with the games. This means each team would have 18 players, which is light, but doable and I am sure we can pick up a few players along the way to fill in the ranks.

Please help us spread the word and tell your friends that Friday is the absolute last day you can sign up. 

Saturday morning we will be emailing the group on the final decision if we are moving forward. Tentative Rosters are posted so you can see the teams you are assigned to in TeamSnap. If we play Week 1 we will have a game at 12:30 PM, but the games will go back to 11:30 AM for Week 2 as long as the Grass field is playable for the Men’s Side, the Women will always play on the Turf. 

Email me with questions at Shaun@AtlantaLacrosseLeague.com