Body Checking Policy

Our body checking policy is based on US Lacrosse Men’s Post Collegiate (POCO) Club Rules. We use the Level B Guidelines for all league play and all age groups.

Defenseless Player: There shall be no body checking at any level on a player in a defenseless position (a “defenseless player”). This includes but is not limited to:

  • body checking a player from his “blind side”;
  • body checking a player who has his head down in an attempt to play a loose ball;
  • body checking a player whose head is turned away to receive a pass, even if that player turns toward the contact immediately before the body check.

NOTE: Sports medicine research indicates that the severity of certain injuries may be reduced if a player can anticipate and prepare himself for an oncoming hit. Game officials should be especially alert to blind side checks.

Restricted body checking:

  • No body checks on a defenseless player.
  • No Excessive Body Checks (“Takeout Checks”) are permitted. Excessive Body Checks/“Takeout Checks” include, but are not limited to, contact such as the following: Any body checks considered more aggressive or more physical than necessary to stop the advancement of the player carrying the ball or to keep or move a player away from a loose ball. This includes but is not limited to:
    • any check in which a player makes contact with sufficient force and perceived intent to knock down the opposing player;
    • any check in which a player makes contact with sufficient force and perceived intent to injure the opposing player; and
    • any check made in a reckless or intimidating manner.

Targeting the Head/Neck: US Lacrosse draws special attention to NCAA Rule 5 Section 3 that prohibits targeting the head or neck, quoted below: A player shall not initiate contact to an opponent’s head or neck with a cross-check, or any part of his body (head, elbow, shoulder, etc.) or stick. Any follow-through that contacts the head or neck shall also be considered a violation of this rule. PENALTY — One, two, or three minute non-releasable foul, at the referee’s discretion. Excessive violation of this rule may result in an ejection from the game.

See also: Atlanta Lacrosse League Concussion Policy 

Our goal is to offer a fun and safe experience for all our players. If you have any concerns please contact us!