COVID19 Policy

Although no strategy for  sports can fully eliminate risk of COVID-19 transmission among players, coaching staff, or families, our intention is to provide some practical strategies that can reduce risk and counter the unintended secondary consequences of the pandemic on our players.

At the fields we will have:

  • Signage around the fields reminding players & spectators to social distance.
  • Signage at the fields reminding our patrons to stay home if they are showing symptoms
  • Touch-less hand sanitizing stations at each bench.

We’ve added the following rules:

  • Staff are required to wear face coverings, it is optional for officials.
  • We recommend non-competitors should wear face coverings (optional for athletes).
  • Players are discouraged from high-fiving or doing unnecessary contact for any reason.
  • The league will be using a modified body checking policy to discouraging any unnecessary contact.
  • Face-offs are modified to meet new rules, which means ball must be clamped and raked out immediately.
  • We ask that any players exposed to anyone with COVID19 symptoms, or any player showing COVID19 symptoms to stay home.
  • After each game concludes, we will push the players to leave the field area immediately after their games. We have a 15-minute buffer between games to ensure players can enter/leave the field without being too congested.
  • All players diagnosed with COVID19 are not allowed to return to play the rest of the season.

Refund Policy:

Once the season starts any players unable to play due to COVID-19 will not receive refunds. While we understand the virus is something that is unpredictable we cannot honor any refunds due to the virus impacting you or your family.